UpShot Photography:
Enhance Your Professional Life, Effortlessly!


A professional portrait has the power to transform your career and business. It can set you apart from other job candidates when seeking a new position, convey who you are to prospective clients and industry peers when networking, and elevate your personal brand. However, finding the time to get your portrait taken can be difficult.

With UpShot Photography, the solution is simple: the photographer comes to you. Whether it is at a conference or special event, or in a relaxed, personal environment such as your office, UpShot Photography will provide affordable, beautiful photographs that get you to the next level in your professional life.

Why UpShot Photography?

UpShot Photography was founded on the principle that a portrait should improve a person’s professional life – not hinder it. It shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort or convenience, and it certainly shouldn’t break the bank.

Offering “Professional Portraits on the Fly” is a natural, creative solution to the two biggest problems in any busy professional’s life: time and money. By bringing the photographer to the client’s preferred location, a photo session can fit seamlessly into any busy schedule. It also creates a sense of relaxation and comfort, as the atmosphere is familiar. Further, the cost of renting a studio space is eliminated entirely, which means an overall lower cost for the client.


I conduct short 10-40 sessions based on your schedule, easy and simple! Sessions start at $79 for the 10 minute session.

Schedule a portrait session for one of our Pop-Up events in advance or drop-in on the the day of the shoot. Sessions can take place at your office, professional association meetings, conferences, or a meet-up, which makes for a more convenient, cost-effective, and relaxing experience overall. Depending on your location, I offer a variety of styles including: Professional Headshots, Lifestyle, Business Casual, and Smart Casual.

When you work with me, you work with someone who understands your needs and delivers what you're looking for. I work closely with you to ensure you get the most exceptional results. 

The results?
You will receive 1-3 lightly edited digital photos to add a sense of personality and professionalism to your website, blog, or LinkedIn profile.

Need something special? Longer, custom shoots are also available! 






Caroline Tudor